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These are our most common queries when staying at Hillend.

Can I Book in advance?

YES. Pitches can only be booked on-line.

Can groups


Yes, but groups over 6 in number need to contact us to determine if we will accept your group.

Does the group policy apply to families

Yes.   groups of 4 or more families wanting to camp together must contact us first 

Can I bring touring caravans?

No. We don't have a licence for tourers

When can I arrive and when do I have to leave?

you can arrive after 12pm on your day of arrival.

your pitch must be vacated by 11am on your day of departure.

Can I bring my dog?

No. The campsite is strictly dog free.

Can I BBQ/Firepit?

 Traditional BBQ's are allowed provided they are a minimum 12" off the ground.

firepits, stoves etc. are not permitted unless used with a scorch mat. No appliance that is likely to scorch the ground eg. firebox stoves etc is permitted.

   No Disposable BBQ's

Can I book one night only?

Only in April & September.

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