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Please read our rules  & conditions for the site.


To make sure you have a stress free holiday please make sure you understand our campsite rules prior to booking.


  1. Checking out - Your pitch must be vacated by 11a.m on your day of departure.

  2. Hook up pitches – charging of electric vehicles from EHU boxes is not permitted.

  3. Minimum spacing requirements must be observed.  In order to achieve this, at any point where a pitch adjoins a neighbouring pitch you must set up a minimum of 2 metres inside any pitch marking.  If this guideline is not observed, or if guy ropes or vehicles are positioned over pitch markings, please expect to be asked to move.                    

  4. No Dogs   -   dogs are not permitted on the campsite under any circumstances.

  5. Music   -   music or musical instruments are not to be played on the campsite at any time.

  6. Stag & Hen parties   -   we do not permit stag or hen parties at Hillend.

  7. Family groups - a maximum of 4 families will be permitted to camp together.  You can book a larger group of families only by prior arrangement with the management.

  8. Non family groups   -   groups over 6 in number only by prior arrangement with the management.  If accepted, we may ask for a good behaviour bond of £20/head and you will be required to bring with you a confirmation email.  You cannot circumvent this rule by making separate bookings and subsequently trying to camp as a group.  This will be interpreted as misrepresentation.

  9. Misrepresentation   -   If you misrepresent your group in any way during booking or upon arrival, we reserve the right to refuse entry or to ask that you leave the campsite.

  10. Under 18’s   -   under parental supervision only unless by prior arrangement with the management.

  11. Barbecues   -   the use of conventional BBQ’s is permitted but must a minimum 12” off the ground.    

  12. Disposable BBQ’s - the use of disposable BBQ’s is not permitted.

  13. Fires   -   open fires are not permitted on the campsite under any circumstances.

  14. Fire pits, stoves etc. - fire pits, stoves etc are not permitted unless used with a scorch mat. Any appliance that generates downward heat that is likely to scorch or burn the ground (even with a scorch mat) is not permitted. E.g., Fire box stoves or similar that sit too low to the ground.

  15. Fireworks   - the discharge of fireworks is strictly prohibited on the campsite and surrounding areas which includes the sand dunes and the beach.

  16. Ball games – balls games are not to be played on the campsite at any time.  The recreational field and/or playground must be used for this purpose. Whistle fly balls are not be used on the campsite

  17. Driving   -   anyone driving recklessly either on the roads or the fields will be asked to leave the campsite immediately.  Anyone we consider to be driving whilst under the influence of drink or drugs will not be permitted to drive onto, or remain on the campsite.  The speed limit of 10mph must be observed at all times.

  18. Noise   -   please conduct yourself with due regard to others at all times. Please keep noise to a minimum between the hours of 10pm – 9am. When returning from the beach at night you must remember that other campers, especially families with children will be asleep.

  19. Generators.   -   the use of generators is not permitted.

  20. General Conduct   -   if at any time, in our opinion, the conduct of any person(s) is such that it is considered to be detrimental to either the interests of the campsite or other campers in general, then those persons will be asked to leave the campsite.

  21. Refunds   -   the issue of refunds will be at the sole discretion of the campsite management.  No refunds will be given in circumstances which relate to breaches of the campsite rules & conditions.

  22. Entry to the park   -   in all circumstances, entry to the park is at the discretion of the management.

  23. Contract Terms.   -   please note that these rules and conditions form the basis of our contract with you. Entry to the park is conditional upon your acceptance and observance of these rules & conditions.



Payment of the pitch fees implies your acceptance of these rules & conditions.


Anyone found to be in breach of these rules & conditions, or behaving in an anti-social manner, or being the cause of any disturbance, whatsoever will be asked to leave the campsite immediately without a refund and will be refused future admission to Hillend Caravan Park.    

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